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We want to make San Francisco a great home families.

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Update (Oct 28th): Our response to an article that mentioned Families for San Francisco on 48Hill.


Update: SF Parents PAC became a subsidiary of Families for San Francisco on August 17, 2020. Together we hope to create a brighter future for San Francisco Families. Any previous donations taken by SF Parents Pac prior to August 17, 2020, including SF Police Officers Association, did not reflect the values of Families for San Francisco. We have never taken, nor will we ever take, any money from the Police Officer Association.



We are the families, friends, neighbors and chosen families of San Francisco who want our city to realize its full potential. We have power as a collective political voice and intend to use that voice to advocate for good governance that serves everyone who calls San Francisco home.


What we believe

Everyone who lives in San Francisco wants this city to be a place where everyone thrives. We want a city government that works, good education for our children, and an excellent quality of life that is affordable. We know this is achievable, but the current political system isn’t working.


Families for San Francisco is our response to the crisis facing our beloved city. Regular people form this organization by coming together across our differences to make the city work for all. We fight to put people over politics, results over tribalism.


What we do

What is a political movement? It is a group of people with a shared vision of a better world and works together through our democracy to make change.


Families for San Francisco is building our political movement with people who are usually not political. We are founded by Democrats and plan to elect Democrats but we are organizing outside of the Democratic Party establishment. We work to (1) Educate our members about SF politics and policies, (2) Activate our membership to vote together to elect candidates who genuinely care about the challenges our city faces and will get results, and (3) Organize members to hold our elected officials accountable.


We also want to recruit and train candidates to win elections in San Francisco in the future.


Who we are

Many of us have traditionally paid more attention to national politics than at the local level, but now we understand the only way to improve our city is to pay the same level of attention to politics right here in our back yard.


Join Us

You can be part of the movement by joining our mailing list. Membership is free! These are the benefits of joining Families for San Francisco:

  • Information: you can learn more about issues and politics that affect families and other residents, such as public schools, clean streets, and affordability

  • Communication: you can meet other families and residents who care about these issues, as well as the local politicians running for office and representing you

  • Organization: you can work with others to have your voice be heard, to advocate for change, and to make sure politicians are held accountable to their responsibilities