We want to make San Francisco a great home for families.

Better San Francisco Public Schools

Feb 18th, Thursday at 5.30pm.


When we started Families for San Francisco six months ago, we intended to address the full range of issues that matter to families and residents of San Francisco. Over the last several months, we have found ourselves almost exclusively addressing the repeated incompetence of the Board of Education.

It is now clear to us that SFUSD is failing to meet the needs of San Francisco. A great public school system provides an abundance of both excellence and equity. SFUSD does neither. Its lack of excellence is demonstrated by the number of San Francisco parents who make the choice not to send their kids to SFUSD. Its lack of equity is evident in its poor education outcomes for many, most notably low income students of color.

We are launching a separate organization to focus on improving San Francisco’s public schools. The Campaign for Better San Francisco Public Schools – Better Public Schools, for short – will be that organization. We are telling you now because we want our members to know ahead of our public launch next week. 


The mission of Better Public Schools will be twofold. The first part of our mission will be to help lead the effort to install a more qualified Board of Education.

But we cannot stop there. If we only stay engaged for one electoral cycle, we will have failed our responsibility to our children and our future.

The second part of the mission of Better Public Schools will therefore be to help drive a policy and political reform agenda to address the twin equity and excellence deficits at SFUSD.

On Thursday February 18th, at 5:30pm, we will host an online informational event about the launch of Better Public Schools. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about how the politics around SFUSD works, what Better Public Schools will be doing, and how you can get involved. Bring your questions!