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Our Report on SFUSD's Effort to Rename Schools

January 5th, 2021


Volunteers at Families for San Francisco have analyzed the Committee meetings and documentation to assess the work done for the school renaming project. We are proud to share the report with you today and appreciate the hard work of our volunteers who created it.

SFUSD High School Culture-Climate Survey Data Analysis

Feb 8th, 2021


Several Lowell parents independently reviewed publicly available data from SFUSD's annual Culture/Climate survey for each high school. On their own, the parents located the latest year’s data for each school, consolidated it manually into a Google spreadsheet, and began to analyze it. They then approached us to help package and present their analysis. Families for San Francisco is proud to present their analysis to the public, in the hope that it will foster greater understanding of demographic data and student experience across SFUSD high schools




Another parent volunteer created an interactive diagram with the same data. Check it out.

Our Position on Commisioner Matt Alexander

Feb 15th, 2021


Families for San Francisco is deeply disappointed by Commissioner Matt Alexander's performance on the Board of Education thus far. We endorsed his candidacy as we thought he would be an independent voice of reason on the Board. However, he has become a loyal foot soldier for the Board's ideological agenda. We are further dismayed by his refusal to entertain factual information presented during the School Renaming and Lowell Admissions debates. We regret our endorsement and will continue to hold him accountable moving forward.